Jenny is passionate about making ice cream

Jenny is passionate about making ice cream. She makes it on the family farm using milk and cream from her own lovely cows.

She wouldn’t dream of letting artificial colours anywhere near and ingredients are sourced locally where possible.

Her family and friends think her ice cream is delicious and have encouraged her to put it into tubs so everyone can enjoy it.


After the milking has taken place, the milk is stored and processed in the dairy. Then, its onto the creamery for making ice cream. 

Today we got to see Jenny making a batch of Vanilla Ice Cream

We then returned to The Sons of the North HQ to stock the freezer back up with this lovely local ice cream.

This nosey cow wanted to see what we were up to. We went and viewed the Holstein x Friesian milking herd and we were kindly shown around by Jenny.

The heard are milked twice a day, morning at 6 am and then again at 4:30 pm. These cows can produce up to 40 pints per day! If they aren’t milked daily they can become ill from mastitis and their udders can become swollen and sore.

The herds’ health is of the utmost importance to Jenny, a third generation dairy farmer.

We were impressed to see an all you can eat buffet of chopped silage mixed with cereals to ensure a well-fed and healthy cow.

Luke Tankard (Cow Whisperer) Pictured Below with Jenny

After learning a little bit more about the magical process of making ice cream it was time for us to do some shopping. The freezer was immaculate as you can see.

As fine food custodians, it’s our responsibility to ensure the produce we source is of the highest standard and quality. Here at The Sons of the North, we believe in promoting and championing our fantastic local suppliers such as Jenny. Working closely with local suppliers is good for everyone and helps create local jobs and improve our local economy.

For more information about Jenny and her Ice Cream business please click here.